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Gonzalo Robledo Rubio (Born in Pereira, Colombia; 1958) is a journalist and producer who lives in Tokyo (Japan) since 1981. He has been a correspondent of Spanish newspaper "El Pais", Televisión Española, and Agencia EFE Spanish News Agency in Tokyo. He has written, directed and produced reportages, documentaries and programs for TVE, TeleMadrid, Canal Sur, Agencia EFE-TV, Canal Cuatro and other Spanish language TV stations, in addition to Japan’s NHK TV, Kansai TV and the film production Excellent Films.

In Japan, his articles have appeared in a number of magazines, such as Asahi Graph (Asahi Shimbun), Mainichi Graph (Mainichi Shimbun), Common Sense (Kyoikusha), Car Graphic (Nigensha), NAVI (Nigensha), Focus (Shinchosha), among others.

In Spain, his articles on Japan and its culture have appeared in such magazines as GEO, Altair, Islas, and Lonely Planet. Since 1996, he has been writing a newspaper column in Spanish for International Press, a weekly for the Spanish-speaking community in Japan.